Small Groups

Because we were made for connection


When Jesus sent out the twelve disciples, He told them to make disciples; He wanted them to actively participate in God's work in the hearts of others.

Many people see church as a building, or an event that happens each Sunday, singing and listening. We believe that God made church for much more.

Church is a family, and families should know one another, encourage one another, pray for one another, and love one another.

Your small group is not another sermon, it's not even a Bible study. It’s intended to be a natural environment for building relationships. If your looking for stronger connections to God and His people, you won’t want to miss small groups at Grace Church.


How do small groups work?

Every week, your group will gather in someone's home and enjoy some refreshments. Then, there will be an opportunity to have group discussion about faith as a real relationship with God. Whether you have been following God for decades or days, we need your input. Disciples of all stages of growth are encouraged in Scripture to be a part of building the faith of others, and to have their faith supported by others. That's what the church is all about.


What will we talk about?

The discussion is based on the passage that was preached on Sunday, so that means there is no homework or book to keep up with. The group leader will take your group through a series of questions designed to spark discussion about how the truth of the Word applies to life. This makes it possible for accountability and encouragement to occur naturally.


When do they meet?

When small groups are in season, there are a variety of groups meeting on different nights. A group will meet for 8-12 weeks during a season, then they will break allowing everyone to focus on family, summer trips, the holidays, etc.

2019 Small Group Seasons:

Fall: September 1st - November 10th

2020 Small Group Seasons:

Spring: Jan 12th - May 3rd

Fall: August 30th - November 13th


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