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We believe membership is important since every Christian is called to be committed to a church body for their own growth and for the sake of the Gospel in our city. We are excited that you want to be a part of what God is doing here! 

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We’ve got a class coming up on Sunday, February 24th. Come and explore how being a part of the Grace family can help you grow in your faith and fulfill God’s call on your life.


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Before submitting this form, please read the Membership Covenant below. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to uphold the Covenant upon being added to the membership of Grace Church of Sebring. "Because I have received Jesus as my personal Savior, I desire to follow the lord and be His disciple. I have been led by God to unite with Grace Church of Sebring, and I commit myself to the church family as a willing part of the ministry in this place. I will protect the unity of the Lord’s church by: -Consistently acting in a loving way toward others in the body. -Refusing to gossip. -Actively praying for, supporting and following the leadership of the church. I will be a responsible and obedient servant of Jesus at Grace by: -Regularly praying for its growth and spiritual vitality. -By following the Lord’s command in baptism and celebrations of the symbols of the communion service. -By inviting others to attend and greeting visitors warmly. I will serve in the ministry at Grace by: -Seeking actively to discover and use my spiritual gifts. -Looking for opportunities to serve God in this local body. -Taking advantage of every opportunity to be equipped to minister to others by my Pastors and Elders. I will support the testimony of Grace by: -My faithful attendance. -Regular and systematic giving. -Seeking every opportunity to share my faith in Jesus with others. "