We believe that both men and women bear the image of God, but they do so in different ways. This means that women face issues that are unique. The Scriptures provide us with the keys to a woman’s heart, and explains how every woman can become an awe-inspiring reflection of the glory of God. Our church is a place where these truths are discussed and applied to the lives of women of all ages and walks of life.

We do this by creating opportunities for women to hear the truth together, encourage each other through accountability, and by creating experiences that allow them to truly focus on spiritual growth.


Taste of Grace


Taste of Grace is a monthly gathering of females from school age and upward, at Grace Church.  From September through April, we meet on the third Tuesday of each month for dinner from 6:00-8:00. It’s a time of sharing a meal, while getting to know each other better. It is not restricted to church members; in fact we encourage people to invite, neighbors, friends and co-workers to join us.

After enjoying delicious food and friendly conversation; we follow with a special feature. This feature can include such things as hints on short cuts to house cleaning, how to write a blog, how to sew by hand and lots more. Sometimes we include music both vocal and instrumental. Other times we might play a game that all ages can participate in. We follow our special feature with someone sharing how God has changed her life and what He is teaching her today. 

During the summer months, we switch to meeting for lunch at various local restaurants still on the third Tuesday but from 12:00-2:00.  

We have made cards for our missionaries and soldiers to encourage and remind them that we are praying for them at Grace Church. We have sent monies to missionaries to meet special needs. We hope to reach out to all who enter Grace Church and share Christ’s love with them.